Fighting Burglary

You’ve already got a home security system. Great! How can you further protect yourself from burglary?

Here’s a few tips:

Know your Alarm:

  • Make sure you have a yard sign from Security ONE, and decals for your windows.
  • Knowing the difference between “stay” mode and “away” mode. Get in the habit of arming your home alarm system to its fullest potential.

When You Go On Vacation:

  • Have the Canada Post hold your mail. Have the newspaper stop delivery.
  • Use timed lighting in your home. Otherwise, keep a few lights on.
  • Don’t mention on your voicemail that you will be out of town.
  • Don’t post it on facebook – or other social media sites you may use.
  • Make sure your yard looks well kept. That will further give the impression that someone is home.


Put an End to False Alarms:

Here are a few simple things to make sure your system is working correctly and that the emergency authorities are only being dispatched when appropriate.

  • If you change your code, please let us know. Same thing goes for changes in authorized users.
  • Have all users practice arming and disarming the system. This includes children and anyone watching your house when away.
  • Keep your system up to date with proper maintenance. This includes changing the battery when necessary.
  • Make sure the doors are closed tightly before arming the system.
  • Keep the instruction manual nearby.
  • If you are having equipment errors, notify Security ONE immediately.
  • Your home alarm should be tested regularly. Just give us a call first.
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