Dumb Criminal – Corn On The Cob

Dumb Criminal – Corn On The Cob

Massachusetts police arrested a man they say broke into a home and cooked himself a snack.

Rockland police officers responded to a home in the middle of the night after getting a call from the homeowner.

Police say the homeowner woke up to a loud bang from the kitchen. When the resident went to investigate, he found an intruder cooking corn on the cob on the stove. He told the intruder to leave, and the two men briefly scuffled.

Police arrested the intruder and charged him with breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony and assault and battery. Police say the intruder, who was “clearly intoxicated,” forced his way inside through a side door.

No corny jokes this time, just another induction into the Dumb Criminal Hal Of Fame!

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