Don’t Leave Your Keys

According to an article on Windsorite Dot CA, Windsor Police say that here have been 388 vehicles stolen in Windsor so far this year and 50 of these were stolen simply by people leaving their spare keys in the vehicle.

With the cold weather finally here to stay for the season, it is easy to want to leave your car running while doing errands. Consider this: The same article says that since October Windsor Police report 17 vehicles stolen where the keys were left inside and the doors were left unlocked. In some instances the key set also contained house keys and the suspects also broke into the owner’s home. These stolen vehicles are also frequently used to commit other criminal offences.


In the article, Police say that owners need to be mindful of their insurance policy because leaving keys in the vehicle may potentially void their coverage.

While many new vehicles come with a keyless push button start while having your key fob. This technological advancement may be convenient but do not leave keys in vehicles. Lock your car doors and take your keys with you.

In addition to locking your vehicle, never leaving the keys in the ignition and keeping valuables out of sight, other important vehicle safety tips include:

• Using a car security system such as an alarm
• Installing a physical theft prevention device that locks the steering wheel or brakes
• Parking in well-lit, well-traveled areas
• Keeping your vehicle inside a locked garage whenever possible

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