Dumb Criminal – Easy To Track

Let’s just go ahead and give this guy the title of “World’s Dumbest Criminal – EVER”. For starters, Brandon Campbell got himself arrested for stealing a GPS Navigation device. He was released, but fitted with an ankle monitor – you know, to track his GPS location at all times.

ankle nl
If the irony hasn’t already gotten the best of you, wait. There’s more. So much more. You’d think it would be fair to assume that he knew what these gadgets do. But did this slow old Brandon down? Nope. He was accused of burglarizing as many as fifteen homes taking $90,000 of merchandise while sporting his fashionable ankle accessory.
After Campbell was caught, prosecutors didn’t exactly have a tough time putting together a case against him. After all, the ankle monitor allowed them to track his whereabouts and provided proof that he was at the scene of each burglary when the crime was going down.

Here’s where the story gets better – and old Brandon lays claim to our title:
After Brandon served his time for the 15 break-ins, the DA’s office says a thief ransacked a home swiping electronics and jewelry. You’re thinking it was Brandon right? Yup. It was Brandon. While he no longer had the ankle monitor on, investigators say the thief did leave something behind at the scene of the crime: a pop can.
The can was eventually tested for DNA and scored a hit with Campbell, whose particulars were on record owing to previous arrests cataloged on his criminal record.
He is now facing 47 years in the clink – or we like to call it, the Dumb Criminal’s Hall of Fame!

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