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Home security systems are a simple remedy to what worries you, and has the added benefit of lowering insurance rates. The same can be said for your business safety concerns. Well before any smoke damage due to fire, water damage due to flooding and any other losses occur that may result from power outages or low temperatures, we will know if anything or anyone is at risk, at any time. 

Wireless monitoring keeps your business and home secure because of our local presence and your own personal assurance from your phone. With your home literally a finger-tap away, you can rest easy knowing any alarm will notify both us at Security One, and you from your mobile device. You can even set the mood from the Machu Picchu (or simply from across town).

Security One is a local leader of security system installation, maintenance, and response. We’ve been in Chatham for years, and we are well aware of crime patterns and security vulnerabilities across town.

Home Automation

Your smart thermostat, automated door locks, security cameras, and alarm systems can automatically respond as you like with home automation. It’s pretty cool really – you will have access to all of these systems from your mobile device. As soon as you open the door of your home or business, your ideal settings will initiate from a more economy sleep mode. Just short of fixing a french-press coffee, you can enjoy the efficiency and service home automation has to offer.

Security Cameras

Security cameras have been around for awhile, and now they don’t miss a thing. They are just as effective as security guards, but show no bias and cost far less. This is the bread and butter of surveillance. High definition, cloud-hosted video feed that can be viewed from anywhere in the world – on your phone! The intelligence of security cameras can now find and analyze unusual movements, and inform authorities in real time.

Access Control

Access control systems provide a digital code or a one-of-a-kind biometric identity authentication and excuse any need for clumsy keys. You can monitor and review all entries and exits from anywhere in the world. If you’re feeling the 007 vibe, you can even access your private (insert treasured item) collection by scanning your fingerprints.

Businesses can rely on our access management solutions so that you can just get straight to business. We’ve got all your bases covered: monitored access points with custom control and alarm monitoring, instant access management of employees and much more.

Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Systems

First-response to fire emergencies needs to be instantaneous, but that’s nothing new. Now, that need can be met in a number of ways that use existing security system infrastructure. Our fire sprinkler systems minimize property damage, leaving you to focus solely on your customers, employees or family’s safety. The Chatham Fire Department is notified as soon as fire or smoke is detected.

It makes a difference to get all your home and business fire protection in one place. Security One offers fire alarms, sprinklers, monitoring, maintenance, inspections and fire extinguishers.

For decades, we have studied our communities and provided the best in security response and prevention. Our ratings and reviews are consistently five stars and beyond. It has been our pleasure to work for our friends, family, and neighbours in Chatham. The ultimate security is the kind of community we work to protect and support. Always minutes from your front door – please give us a call for any questions regarding your home or business security.

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