Commercial Security

Certainly banks seem like obvious targets for burglars, but any business is a potential target. In order to protect your business, secure your valuables and keep your staff and customers safe, your security system and the plan you’ve implemented must to be effective, up-to-date and adequate for your needs.

The potential risks to your business must be identified and a solution determined to reduce that risk.


Determine where your security is weak and where you may be exposed to loss. Look to restricting or preventing access to sensitive equipment or stock by improving access permissions.

Evaluate your surveillance when you are both open and closed. You need to know who has access and to what areas.

Ask yourself how you will be notified if there is a problem and who else needs to be made aware of the security breach.

To create a sound security solution for your business, you have to fully analyze your security plan and understanding the advantages of different types of security tools, equipment and software.

Here are some pointers:
• Install good name brand locks on all exterior doors, stock room doors, IT room doors, etc. Consider installing door frame reinforced in steel.
• Put a layer of 12mm transparent film on all ground floor windows. Window bars are also an excellent deterrent to entry.
• Install a 24 hour monitored alarm system that will notify you by phone and email.
• Use a loud siren and flashing light that will draw attention to your building if it is ever compromised.
• Install video surveillance cameras that capture everything that takes place on your property and that can be easily accessible from wherever you are.
• Use an access control system that both prevents unauthorized entry and records permitted access to sensitive areas within your business.

Contact our friendly and knowledgeable security consultants to schedule a full risk assessment on your property. We’ll work with you to suggest effective and convenient security solutions that will keep your business secure. Call 1-800-265-5317 or JUST CLICK HERE.

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