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Combating the Rise of Auto Theft With Security Monitoring

Auto theft is a growing problem in Canada, with many incidents being linked to global crime rings, according to a recent article by Global News. This trend is especially evident in Ontario, where auto theft has spiked. In order to combat this problem, it is essential for car owners to take proactive measures to protect their vehicles. While simple precautions like locking your car doors and keeping keys and valuables in a safe location can help prevent theft, they are not foolproof. An effective solution to this rising issue is the use of monitoring systems such as video, proactive video, and access monitoring.

Preventing Auto Theft with Video Monitoring

Video monitoring involves using cameras to record any suspicious activity in areas such as your driveway, garage, or parking spot. These cameras can be set up to record constantly, or they can be triggered by motion or other forms of activity. This type of system can be especially useful in identifying potential thieves, as the footage can be used to help identify suspects and assist with their prosecution. 

Proactive Video Monitoring

Proactive video monitoring takes this concept a step further by using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze the footage in real-time. This type of system can detect patterns of behavior that may indicate an attempt to steal a vehicle, such as someone loitering around a car or trying to tamper with its locks. When such activity is detected, the system can alert the owner or the authorities, allowing for a quick response to prevent theft from occurring. 

a man suspiciously looks into a garage while a video monitoring system detects the activity and sends a message "driveway camera detected a person at 7:07pm"

Access Monitoring

In addition to monitoring the exterior of a vehicle, it is also important to consider the security of the place where the car is stored. For those who keep their car in a garage, access to the garage should be tightly controlled to prevent unauthorized entry. This can be achieved through the use of garage access monitoring systems, which use sensors or cameras to detect when the garage door is opened or closed. These systems can alert the owner or the authorities if there is any suspicious activity, allowing for a quick response to prevent potential theft. 

In conclusion, the rise in auto thefts linked to global crime rings in Canada is a serious concern and highlights the importance of taking proactive measures to protect our vehicles. By using video monitoring and proactive video monitoring systems, car owners can take an active role in deterring potential thieves and helping to keep their vehicles safe.

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