Cellular Monitoring: A Better Way

Traditionally, security systems have been monitored by using a land line telephone service. Whether its a Plain Old Telephone line, a digital line a fiber line, it will serve its purose – but there is a better way. A cellular Communication Module allows you to eliminate that phone service all together. Furthermore, it is significantly safer than any of those methods.

Phone Lines


Using a Cellular Communication Module as the primary means to monitor your security system provides peace of mind beyond just a power failure. Our latest smart home security systems already feature the Cellular Module, but we can add one to virtually any type of security system. With a cellular communication module installed on the inside of your home or business, the path of communication itself is now secure. No longer is your security system dependent on a phone company’s service. No longer is your security system dependent on a wire – digital, fiber or otherwise – that could be severed accidentally or on purpose.


To learn more about adding a Cellular Communication Module to your security System, call 1-800-265-5317 or just CLICK HERE.

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