Cellular Modules

Every security system requires a means of communication in order to transmit its signals to the central monitoring station. For many years, that path of communication has been the traditional copper telephone line. Unfortunately, the traditional phone line of the past is quickly disappearing.

According to Stats Canada, 21 % of Canadians have gone “cell-phone” only and that number is forecasted to increase in the coming years

In addition to a wide consumer shift away from landlines, intruders are also becoming more savvy and targeting the phone line as a weak point in your security system.


going wireless

The solution to this challenge is to upgrade your system with a cellular module or communicator. This device acts as a personal cell-phone for your alarm system; however, it has nothing to do with your personal cell-phone.

It uses cellular airtime to communicate the signal of your security system to our central monitoring station. If you have been thinking about cancelling your land line phone or are concerned about the vulnerabilities of your landline, this is the solution for you.


To add a cellular module to your security system, call 1-800-265-5317, or just CLICK HERE!

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