What are the Steps for Cancelling a Telus Alarm System?

Telus is a communications and cellular provider located in Canada. Along with cellular, internet and cable TV services, they also provide security systems for both homes and businesses. While Telus has been an alarm provider for many years, it instantly become Canada’s largest alarm provider when they purchased ADT Canada in October 2019.

With so many alarm customers across the country, many are unhappy with their services for a variety of reasons. Maybe they don’t want to be protected by a national cable company. Or perhaps they are unhappy with pricing and service. Regardless, what are the steps for cancelling a Telus alarm system?

The first step to cancelling your Telus smarthome alarm is to contact Telus at 1-866-558-2273. You’ll want to connect with the customer service department, specifically for smart home alarm services. Once you are speaking with a Telus representative, tell them you are calling to cancel your Telus security service.

The goal of the Customer Service Rep is to get you to rethink your cancellation. They’ll offer various offers to stay with Telus but each retention offer comes a new contractual term. Agreeing to a new term will lock you into a multiyear agreement with Telus alarm services. If you’re unhappy with service, price, or any other issue, avoiding a new contract is key.

Telus alarm systems require a 3-year contractual term for alarm services. Whether you are a newer Telus alarm customer or an older ADT Canada customer, they should know if the term of their service as expired or if they are still under contract before cancelation. If the contractual term has expired, then the customer can cancel without any financial penalties. If the Telus alarm customer is currently under contract, then there will be a penalty to cancel.

The cancellation fee for Telus alarm systems depend on which plan you have. The Telus SmartHome Smart Camera package will charge customers $10/month for the remainder of the term. TELUS SmartHome Smart Automation packages. will cost $35/month for the remainder of the term. And lastly, TELUS SmartHome Secure packages will cost $35/month for the remainder of the term. Your alarm cancellation will not be processed until the final payment has been paid.

Once this process has concluded, you’re officially done with Telus/ADT Canada smart home alarm services. You’ll be able to use your alarm hardware with multiple other alarm companies.

Consider having your system monitored by a local alarm company like Security ONE. You’ll get exceptional protection and customer service. Call Security ONE at 1-800-265-5317 for a free security quote.

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