Camera Solutions

Security cameras are an excellent way to secure your property. Whether its your home or business, having security cameras installed provides you with an extra level of security protection and peace of mind.
If you’ve been thinking about adding security cameras, it’s important to understand the different options available to you. It’s also very important to consider that your needs are different than just about anyone else’s.


Here is what you need to consider when adding cameras.

• What area do you want to cover?
The size and shape of the area you want to cover will determine a lot about the camera set-up that you require. A very large area, or an area with many rooms will likely require more cameras than a smaller area or a single room.

• What are the lighting conditions?
You’ll need to know if your cameras will be working in low-light conditions. If there is a lot of bright sunlight, that could negatively affect the quality of the footage. If orconditions change throughout the day in this area, it will play a factor as well.

• How much video storage is required?
You’ll need to consider if you need to keep the footage from your cameras for just one day, a few weeks, or for several months. You’ll need to choose the camera and NVR that suits your needs.


• Do you want remote access?
Like most everything else nowadays, security cameras can be remotely accessed from your smartphone, tablet and PC. Consider if you want to be able to view  your cameras remotely, if you want to receive alerts when motion is detected, or when the kids get home from school. We can provide smart home solutions that are custom designed for your specific needs.


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