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Back to School Security: What You Need To Know

As the long, lazy days of summer come to an end, it’s time to gear up for the back-to-school season. While you’re busy making sure your kids have the right supplies and are prepared for the academic year ahead, don’t forget to pay attention to their safety and security needs as well. Your children’s safety should always be a top priority, and there are innovative tools and technologies available to help you achieve that peace of mind. In this blog, we’ll discuss some essential security needs for the fall season, introduce you to a fantastic offer you won’t want to miss, and address common home security mistakes that can compromise your efforts. Video Doorbell: Keeping an Eye on Your Children

One of the most significant concerns for parents during the school year is knowing that their children have safely arrived home from school. With the Video Doorbell, you can keep a watchful eye on your children’s comings and goings, whether you’re at home or away.

This smart doorbell is available in both wired and wireless options, making it easy to integrate into your existing home security system. Here’s how it works:

Motion Detection: The Video Doorbell features advanced motion detection technology. It will alert you instantly when someone approaches your front door or enters your property, providing an extra layer of security.

Live Video Feed: You can access a live video feed from the doorbell at any time through a smartphone app. This means you can check in on your kids when they arrive home from school or see who’s at the door, even when you’re not there.

Two-Way Audio: Not only can you see what’s happening, but you can also communicate with anyone at your door through the built-in two-way audio feature. Whether it’s reminding your kids to lock the door or telling a delivery person where to leave a package, this feature is incredibly useful.

With the Video Doorbell, you can enjoy the convenience of modern technology while ensuring your children’s safety during the school year.

Special Offer: Free Video Doorbell with a 36-Month Agreement!

Here’s the deal you won’t want to miss! Until October 1st, we’re offering a special promotion: get a Free Video Doorbell when you sign up for a 36-month agreement with our security services. This is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your home security and ensure your children’s safety throughout the school year and beyond.

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Monitored Smoke Detectors: Protecting Your Home

Another critical aspect of home security is fire safety. House fires can happen at any time, and having monitored smoke detectors in place can be a lifesaver. These smart smoke detectors are connected to a central monitoring system that will alert you and the authorities if smoke or fire is detected in your home, even if you’re not there to hear the alarm.

With the hustle and bustle of the school year, you may not always be at home when an emergency occurs. Monitored smoke detectors give you peace of mind that your family and home are protected around the clock.

Common Security Mistakes To Avoid

While we’re discussing the importance of home security for the fall season, it’s essential to address some common home security mistakes that people often make:

Hiding a Key Under the Mat: Hiding a spare key under the welcome mat or in a nearby plant pot is a classic security blunder. Burglars are well-aware of these hiding spots, and it takes them no time at all to find that hidden key. Instead, consider investing in a secure electronic door lock or a smart lock that allows you to grant access remotely, ensuring no unauthorized individuals can easily enter your home.

Neglecting Proper Lighting: Inadequate outdoor lighting can create inviting conditions for intruders. Well-lit exteriors can deter criminals and make it easier for security cameras to capture clear footage. Motion-activated lights near entrances and pathways are a simple yet effective way to enhance your home’s security.

Sharing Too Much on Social Media: Posting your vacation plans or daily routines on social media can inadvertently inform potential burglars about when your home is likely to be vacant. Be cautious about oversharing online and consider adjusting your privacy settings to limit who can see your posts.

Failing to Secure Windows: As this season tends to be a prime time for burglars, who often target homes when parents and children are away, it’s crucial to pay attention to window security. Make sure to install window locks and reinforce glass windows with security film, creating a stronger defense against potential intruders seeking vulnerable entry points.

By avoiding these common security mistakes and taking advantage of modern security technologies like the Video Doorbell and monitored smoke detectors, you can ensure a safer and more secure environment for your family as you head back to school and beyond. Your family’s safety and peace of mind are worth the effort to create a secure home.

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