What are the benefits of onsite security consultation

What are the Benefits of an Onsite Security Consultation?

If you are thinking of getting your home or business secured with a monitored alarm system there is no shortage of alarm companies that will offer to install and monitor your security system. One of the biggest differences between most of the companies is that some will provide a quote over the phone, while others will push to come onsite and do an in-person security assessment. What are the benefits of having an onsite security consultation as opposed to having a quote provided over the phone or online?

When onsite, the Security Consultant can assess the needs of the location. They can see firsthand where the vulnerable points of entry are. The in-person seeing of the location allows the Consultant to understand the security concerns and then create a proper security solution.

Think of it this way… think of your home – the size, and physical layout. How many points of entry are there? What’s the foliage like outside? Is there external lighting? Where are the windows located on the main floor? Are there any points of entry into the basement? Where are the valuables located inside your home? What’s the route a burglar would take to venture to the main bedroom?

Think of how many questions need to be asked to get some of the answers above, and then even with the answers being given, information may be missed or misinterpreted by the other person. Only a portion of the reality is given.

Now compare that with being at the location in person. Being able to see the physical layout and understand the external lighting and entry points. Seeing firsthand where inside needs to be protected. Where should equipment be placed inside the home to create the most effective security solution? All of this can only be done with a Security Consultant at the location.

Any company that says they don’t need to send someone to the home to properly assess your alarm needs is incorrect. They are misleading you into agreeing to a haphazard lazy sales process. By having an alarm company figure out your security needs over the phone, you will end up getting an inferior alarm system.

Purchasing the right alarm system is an important decision. Security systems protect your home and family, and selecting the right company requires proper diligence. If any alarm company refuses to send a Security Consultant to your home to truly understand your needs, then in turn refuse to consider them as a viable choice for your home protection. Don’t settle for an inferior alarm system. It’s only when a Security Consultant comes to your home to build a proper security solution that you’ll be truly protected.

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