Being Safe

Consider getting a safe. Not the most exciting purchase you’ll ever make, I’ll give you that – but it may just give you a new found peace of mind once you start using it.

As always there a few choices on the market: the traditional in-home fireproof box and the popular safe deposit box. What’s the difference?

A Safe Deposit Box is inside a bank. It is fire safe, waterproof, and creates an off-site disaster recovery plan. The items inside are legally protected in the event of death. On the other hand, you are subject to “banker’s hours”  as to when you can access it, and naturally comes with an annual fee.

A Fireproof Box is super convenient way to protect sensitive items in your home. Further, you have 24 hour access to them. They can be mounted to floors or walls for added security, but has its limitations. Most of these type of safe are water resistant, not waterproof. Be conscious of the fire rating, as items could still be burned or damaged in a fire.

Use a Firebox for protecting sensitive items in your home that you may need access to from time to time such as passports or wills. Use the Safe Deposit Box for items you need to keep safe, but won’t always need immediate access to such as photographs, jewelry or digital backups.

There are positives and negatives for both options, but ultimately it comes down to what you are protecting and what works best for you.

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