Back To School Safety

Get Prepared for Back to School Safety!

Parents everywhere are already starting to exclaim… It’s back to school time!

As schools and classrooms get prepared for the students, you should expect traffic to get a little heavier on our streets. Summer holidays are all but over and school buses are returning to their regular routes.

These safety tips will help keep everyone safe.

1) Observe School Safety Zones

It’s very easy for children to get distracted crossing the road on their way to and from school. Slowing down and being vigilant is important to keeping kids safe. Children are excited to their friends and may not be thinking about the rules of the roads.

2) Obey the Crossing Guard

Crossing guards are usually volunteers and are there to keep children safe. Even if the traffic lights change, you should always follow the crossing guard’s direction and not the traffic light. There might be a child still crossing the street that you can’t see.

3) Watch for Darting Children

Kids are small and can become easily distracted, and for drivers, this can create dangerous situations on the roads. Be mindful and alert behind the wheel. You never know when a small child might step out from between parked cars or off a sidewalk. Your quick reflexes might be needed to prevent an accident.

4) School Buses

Most accidents take place outside the bus. Make sure children get to the bus stop too early where they can wander or get into mischief. Make sure children wait well back from the road and stay back until the school bus makes a full stop and the doors open. Explain that they must walk at least three metres (10 feet) away when crossing in front of the bus so the driver can see them. When driving your car near a school bus please note that extra caution is always needed. Never pass a school bus when the lights are flashing.

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