Arena Break In

Essex County OPP are still investigating a recent break in at the Kingsville Arena in which an undisclosed amount of cash was stolen.
Police say the theft was discovered by Arena employees arriving for work the next day. The report also says a window was smashed, and entry was gained into an office.

According to a story in Windsor Star, cash was stolen from the office and an ATM.
The Star article reports that the burglars disabled the security system by cutting the telephone line.
That’s when Kingville Town officials reached out to Security ONE. The security monitoring was being done by a different company at the time of the break in. In addition to providing the security monitoring, Security ONE was able to provide Fire Monitoring, as well as monitoring the ice temperature on the rink.
Security ONE’s consultants were also able to provide a solution for cutting a phone line to defeat the security system: a GSM Cellular Module.
The GSM Cellular Module transmits directly to Security ONE’s ULC listed, Five Diamond Certified central monitoring station without relying on another company’s service and, more importantly, with out relying on an actual line or cable that could be cut with a $2 pair of wire cutters.
going wireless
This solution is available for all residential, as well as commercial security monitoring.
To learn more about how you can add a Cellular Module to your security system, call 1-800-265-5317, or just CLICK HERE!

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