Alternatives To Landlines

When the recent break in at the Kingsvlle Arena, where thieves cut the phone to defeat the security system, caused Town officials to turn to Security ONE to provide a solution, we wanted to be sure we could provide that same solution to home owners as well.
That same solution may also allow you to cut your landline telephone as well, saving you hundreds of dollars a year.


With the cost of cell phone plans dropping, and the expense of keeping land lines becoming redundant, many people are getting rid of their home phones and using mobile devices as their primary method of communication. In the past, this meant that you couldn’t have a security system in your house, or that you had to install a phone line for your system to communicate directly with the monitoring center. But, as telephone technology advances, so does ours.

In the event  you decide to cancel your landline phone service, Security ONE has other options available such as WiFi Connectivity and Cellular Communication Modules. These alternatives to traditional landlines provide uninterrupted security protection for your home or business.


If your phone line goes down, either due to an outage or being cut by an intruder, Security ONE’s Cellular Module Monitoring is there to keep you protected Security ONE’s Cellular Monitoring is a reliable communications solution that automatically sends a wireless signal to our Central Station to report all alarms, instantly and securely. Further, the advanced wireless technology enables you to receive alarm signals via mobile text message or email – anytime, anyplace.

Go wireless. You can rely on Security ONE’s Cellular Module Monitoring and WiFi connectivity solutions as your first line of defense for your home or business if you decide to cancel your landline phone service.
Further, Security ONE’s Cellular Module Monitoring offers a cost savings solution for homes or businesses that want to it as their primary security communication device, allowing you to pay only a minimal charge for wireless service instead of paying for costly dedicated phone lines. To learn more about adding a Cellular Module to your security system, call 1-800-265-5317 or just CLICK HERE!

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