Access Control System Features

Keep your facility secure with access control.

Eliminate keys and manage movement in your facility with greater precision and control.

Eliminate Keys

No more keys to carry.

Never worry about changing the locks or issuing new keys again.

With a Security ONE door access system you can eliminate keys and never have to change locks again. Limit access to sensitive areas or manage schedules of when an employee has access are standard features included with Security ONE door access system. Have an employee leave? Simply have Security ONE delete their access and their card is deactivated.

Managed Access

Let us help you.

No need for expensive software and employee training.

Let Security ONE save you time and money by managing your access control system for you. Simply inform us of any employee additions, terminations or changes in access level and it’s done! Many of our managed access packages also include a lifetime warranty and from as little as $14.99/month/control system.

Custom Control & Reporting

Complete control.

Use your smartphone or laptop to make changes on the fly and review data in real time.

Security ONE offers our clients the flexibility of changing access levels on the fly to react to real time information. Managers and business owners can also review historical data to ensure incidents happened the way they were supposed to.

Total Access Control

More than doors.

Control access to elevators, parking lots, gas pumps and more.

Access control is more than controlling access to a traditional door. Commercial and residential high-rises can manage employee and visitor access through elevator access control. Large retail, healthcare and industrial facilities can benefit from controlling vehicle access on the premises. Distribution and trucking companies can manage fuel pump access to prevent theft and unauthorized consumption. Think bigger than just doors and let Security ONE design an access control system that meets your security requirements today and beyond.

Biometric Security

Identity authentication.

Using biometrics to secure your facility is no longer science fiction.

For organizations who require an extra level of security, Security ONE biometrics can offer an identify based security solution. Keep sensitive areas secure and never have to replace keys or cards again. Using the latest fingerprint, iris scanning and facial recognition technology, Security ONE offers a complete biometrics access control system that will bring your facilities security into the future.

Visitor Management

Track and monitor visitors.

Manage the movement and access of visitors or contractors in your facility.

With Security ONE visitor management solution, organizations can keep sensitive areas closed off from visitors/contractors. Combine our visitor management system with our ID smart card solution to visibly identify visitors/contractors in your facility.

Access Control

Access Control can have a huge impact on your business’ security. Keyless Entry is everywhere, from our vehicles to our homes. By bringing it into the workplace, you eliminate the concern and expense of lost keys and re-doing locks when an employee is terminated. Access Control delivers convenience and can be cost-effective. Here are some other business security benefits of making the move to access control.

The installation costs of access control systems are lower now than ever before. Gone are the days of long, complex wiring jobs, with wireless devices driving the install. And of course, access control systems can continue to pay a return on investment over time by protecting you from break ins, employee management and unauthorized access.

Because access control systems are now wireless, the installation costs can be lower than you think.

The technology behind Access control technology is pretty cool by itself, but it’s even better when it’s integrated with the rest of your security plan, such as video surveillance.

When it comes to access control, Security ONE can customize the system to your needs. Whether its access cards or fobs for the employee’s entrance, we can also limit access to sensitive areas in your facility.

Leave keys behind and make the shift to access control. Call 1-800-265-5317 to learn more or just CLICK HERE.!


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