7 Easy Home Security Tips

7 Easy Home Security Tips!

Landscape with security in mind

Clean up any overgrown patches where burglars could hide. Don’t hide your spare keys in any obvious spots or get a lockbox to make it more difficult to access your home.

Introduce yourself to your neighbors

Work together with neighbors and keep an eye out for them. If there is suspicious activity and you are sure there is a problem, call the police and report it.

Add Lighting

Motion activated lighting outdoors and lights on timers indoors should be used as burglary prevention. That way, it will seem as if someone is home even if there isn’t anyone there.

Get a Safety Routine

Lock all doors and windows, check that your alarm system is activated every time you leave the house. After doing this many times consistently you will do it automatically.

Manage Visibility

Put any valuables out of site and make sure there isn’t anything in front of windows that can be looked in from the outside. Make sure you can see who is at the front door without opening it.

Protect Outdoor Valuables

Lock up any BBQ’s, lawn furniture and pool supplies. Anything else should be kept in a locked shed or garage. Don’t give hooligans a reason to steal or break your things!

Create a Plan for when you're Away

Have your mail held or have a neighbor remove flyer’s and newspapers. Make sure anything valuable is locked up. Arrange for someone to cut the lawn or remove snow, it will seem as if someone is home.

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