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In many ways, our homes and businesses are an extension of ourselves. Without home security, we may never truly feel the comfort of safety. Likewise, our business relationships and properties need the reassurance of security.  

Canada is a relatively safe place to live, and London is a beautiful setting for families. However, crime is always a factor and according to the London Police, local home burglary has risen 25% in the last five years alone. Property owners must also consider natural circumstances that threaten the safety and investment of their homes and businesses, such as extreme weather. Security systems are your second pair of eyes and allow for a whole new dimension of senses for safeguarding the sanctity and integrity of your largest possessions.

Security One is a time-tested leader of security system installation, maintenance, and response. We have paid close attention to London homes and businesses for decades – so it may come as no surprise that we are able to evaluate a property for any and all points of vulnerability. We have seen it all, and we take pride in securing our neighbours so they can feel relaxed, knowing their family’s well-being is kept safe.

Just because we’ve been around nearly as long as the London Knights, doesn’t mean we haven’t advanced our security technologies.

In fact – our security services are cutting edge:

Home Security Systems

Home security systems lower anxiety, and insurance rates. You can be notified when there is smoke in the house, flooding, power outages, low temperatures, and we will know if anything or anyone is at risk, at any time.

Never leave your home behind. With wireless monitoring that can operate from your phone, your mind will be at ease knowing that security response is at your fingertips. You can even turn on your flood lights from Florence (or simply from across town).

Home Automation

Home automation integrates your smart thermostat, automated door locks, security cameras, and alarm systems. Besides having access to all these systems from your mobile device, you can program your home or business to initiate any desirable ambiance as soon as you unlock the door. Just short of serving you a refreshment – our home automation adds personal comfort to “safe and sound.”

Security Cameras

There has never been a better time to hire our security cameras. They are a cost effective alternative to security personnel – and nowadays, they don’t miss a thing. This is the bread and butter of surveillance. High definition, cloud-hosted video feed that can be viewed from anywhere in the world – on your phone! No need to keep your eyes glued to a screen either because our intelligent security cameras can isolate disturbances and inform authorities in real time.

Access Control

You can’t dupe a key that doesn’t exist. Our access control systems replace clumsy keys with a digital code or a one-of-a-kind biometric identity authentication. These aren’t just available for the front door either – imagine the novelty of accessing your private (insert treasured item) collection by scanning your fingerprints.

Businesses can rely on our access management solutions so that you can just get down to business. We can monitor access points with custom control and alarm monitoring, manage your employees access instantly, and much more.

Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Systems

Businesses can rely on our access management solutions so that you can just get down to business. We can monitor access points with custom control and alarm monitoring, manage your employees access instantly, and much more.

Nowadays, first-response to fire emergencies is practically instantaneous. Our fire sprinkler systems minimize property damage, leaving you to focus solely on your customers, employees, or family’s safety. The London Fire Department will be close behind – our alarm monitoring service is located right in town, ready to make the call.

Both home and commercial alarms, sprinklers, monitoring, maintenance, inspections, and fire extinguishers, are much more effective, employed through one place – Security One.

Security systems have been our focus for decades. It shows: our ratings and reviews are consistently five stars and beyond. It has been our pleasure to work for our friends, family, and neighbours in London. The ultimate security is the kind of community we work to protect and support. If there are any questions you have, or anything that you need – we are at your fingertips.

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