your kids grow up, it becomes increasingly hard to keep track of them and keep
them where you know they’re safe. They want to go to their friend’s house, they
want to go to the park by themselves, or they want to go out to the movies with
their boyfriend or girlfriend. Here are two ways to teach your child about
safety, and we will also show you how Security
can help you know where your child is and when they got to where
they’re going.

  1. Teach your
    child to trust their instincts

your child grows older, it is very important to teach them warning signs. Teach
them what to do if they notice someone is walking behind them for too long. Make
sure they know that if you didn’t warn them someone was going to pick them up
from school, they should not go with someone who says, “Your mom/dad told me to
come pick you up.” You can create a ‘password’ that only you, your child, and
anyone who would pick them up would know. This will ensure the child knows it’s
safe to go with them.

  • Keep an
    open-talk policy

very important that your child knows they can come to you with anything.
Keeping an open-talk policy will allow them to feel comfortable coming to you
for help. A lot of kids are often afraid to tell their parents what is
troubling them, in fear of punishment or angering their parents. It is also a
good opportunity to teach your kids good judgment skills when you talk problems
through with them.

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You’re probably wondering how Security ONE can play a part in all of
this. Well here’s how:

We offer a number of options, one
of the most recommended for knowing if your child made it home, is our Indoor
IP Camera and Total Connect App.

This camera is a plug and play. All
you need is an internet connection, so you are free to plug it in where you
best see fit. With the easy-to-use Total Connect App, you can see real-time
footage, as well as receive notifications on when your child makes it home from
school. It will send you 10 second clips of these notifications and will be
stored for 30 days. One place we suggest setting your camera up is facing
towards the front door. This is a sure fire way to know who is entering your
house and when.

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