For most people, the biggest reason for investing in a home
security system is to protect the ones they love. And there’s a good reason for
that. A monitored home security system notifies you of water leaks, carbon
monoxide, fires, and intrusion – whether you’re there or not. Statistics show
that a monitored security system deters 60% of would-be burglars and helps
alert the authorities in the event of an actual intrusion.

Insurance Savings

Most insurance companies understand the benefits of
protecting your property and assets with a security system. That’s why most will
discount your homeowner’s insurance when you provide them with proof a monitored
security system. On average, the discount is 15%

Smart Home Integration

The latest and greatest home security systems are “smart home” devices. They integrate with the internet of things-  smart appliances, smart light bulbs, smart deadbolts and more. A smart security system allows you to control these devices remotely. Imagine arming your security system from your phone each morning on your way to work and your doors lock, your lights switch off, and your garage door closes as you drive away. And, imagine controlling all those devices from the same app on your smartphone, tablet, or home computer – even when you’re away!

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