Access Control can have a huge impact on your business’ security. Keyless Entry is everywhere, from our vehicles to our homes. By bringing it into the workplace, you eliminate the concern and expense of lost keys and re-doing locks when an employee is terminated. Access Control delivers convenience and can be cost-effective. Here are some other business security benefits of making the move to access control.

The installation costs of access control systems are lower now than ever before. Gone are the days of long, complex wiring jobs, with wireless devices driving the install. And of course, access control systems can continue to pay a return on investment over time by protecting you from break ins, employee management and unauthorized access.

Because access control systems are now wireless, the installation costs can be lower than you think.

The technology behind Access control technology is pretty cool by itself, but it’s even better when it’s integrated with the rest of your security plan, such as video surveillance.

When it comes to access control, Security ONE can customize the system to your needs. Whether its access cards or fobs for the employee’s entrance, we can also limit access to sensitive areas in your facility.

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