Peace of mind for less than a $1 per day.

The safety of your home and family is often a top priority for many Canadians. Unfortunately, taking measures to protect your home and family is too often a reaction from a life event. Don’t wait till its too late. Call Security ONE today.

going wireless

Wireless Security

No wires to cut.

No phone line? No Problem.

Security ONE uses cellular communication to monitor your alarm. Sometimes lines are cut through utility service work, as a result of storms, or even by intruders trying to bypass your security system to enter your home. A cellular communication module will ensure that your alarm system is always communicating with our monitoring station.

Total Connect

Stay connected.

Access and control your security system – in real time.

Ever wonder what time the kids actually got home? With Security ONE’s Total Connect you can be in the know wherever you are in the world. If you forgot to arm the system or want to disarm it to let someone in – use the Total Connect app to make it happen.

Security One Mobile Support
Smart Smoke

Smart Smoke Detectors

Every second counts.

Do your smoke detectors call the fire department?

Every second counts in notifying the fire department of a fire in your home. Instead of relying on neighbours to report smoke and flames, Security ONE will notify the fire department at the first report of fire in your home. Security ONE will also help you design a system that will provide you and your family valuable time they need to evacuate in the case of a home fire.

Disaster Prevention

Be one step ahead of Mother Nature.

Environmental damage protection – prevent disaster before it happens.

We provide monitoring of environmental devices that will protect your home from the following occurrences:

Low temperature – prevent pipe freezing
Sump pump overflow – prevent floods
Carbon monoxide detection – keep your family safe
Power failure monitoring
Disaster Prevention_edit3

Live Video

Watch live video from anywhere.

Check in on your home when you’re not there.

Live video from where ever you are via a smart-phone, tablet or computer. Security ONE cameras have built in motion sensors and can email you a short video clip when motion is detected. That way, you’ll always be in the know of what’s going on even when you’re not there.

Insurance Discounts

More money in your wallet.

Save up to 20% off of your home insurance.

More protection means more money back in your pocket. Insurance companies provide Security ONE clients an extra reward when we install a ULC monitored burglary alarm. Maximize the discount by including fire, smoke and flood monitoring to your home.

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Client Testimonials

“We found out that at least 4 houses on our street were broken into while the owners were sleeping inside. I’m guessing everyone else on our street wishes they had an alarm system right about now. This is now the second time that our house has had an attempted break-in. Because of our home alarm system, our house has never actually been illegally entered. I just wanted to let you know and send you a quick note of thanks!! “

– Billie Stapleton – Kingsville

“Security ONE has been a wonderful company to deal with. Everything from our initial quote, to the unobtrusive installation has been nothing short of excellent. The security we now have far outweighs the minimal monthly expense that we pay for this service. We would definitely recommend Security ONE for their customer service, quality, and affordability.

– Frank & Emily Gabbana – Windsor

“I would like to say thank-you to Security ONE for the wonderful service and installation of my home alarm system. I was very pleased with your Security Consultant (Debbie Jacques). I received other quotations from a few companies, and one was lower in price. However, I found Debbie Jacques very knowledgeable and thorough in educating me about the product and felt more comfortable using Security ONE. “

– Barb Mayea – Windsor

“I just want to thank you for the terrific service my husband, Gordy Cooper, and I received from you with respect to purchasing an alarm system. Now that we have our alarm, he cannot believe the “peace of mind” it brings him. Your service and knowledge were the selling points in us having an alarm installed and making us feel safe, with at home or away!”

– Tracy Panchuk – Windsor

“Our insurance company told us we needed to install a sump pump/water bug sensor. We contacted Security ONE and they came and installed water bugs and a sump pump detector. They work great! We had a water issue when the upstairs toilet overflowed, the water bugs detected it and Security ONE called. It was a life saver! Thank you!

– Linda Enns – Leamington