Leverage the power of GPS to monitor, track and ensure safety of employees and assets.

Ever wonder how a mobile workforce spent their day or when a shipped product reached its destination? Security ONE’s GPS Tracking solutions can give you real time information that provides real peace of mind.

Lone Worker

Keep lone workers safe.

What are you doing to protect employees who work alone?

Lone worker tracking is becoming more widely accepted and in some cases required by labour law. Employers who have employees who work alone for any period of time may be required to provide a solution to aid that employee in the event of an emergency. Security ONE’s lone-worker device is monitored 24/7 by our trained monitoring professionals and in the event of an alarm we can notify the employer and authorities in real-time. Give us a call for a FREE trial.

Security One Support

Asset Tracking

Surveillance and loss prevention.

Know when shipped products arrive safely and deter theft.

Security ONE helps you protect valuable assets and know exactly where they are at all times. Sleek GPS tracking sensors can be placed into shipments or attached to items that are prone to theft. In the event an asset goes missing, Security ONE can track the asset and pin-point its location for retrieval.

Mobile Tracking

Be in the know and on the go.

Access GPS tracking data from the convenience of your smartphone or laptop.

Know exactly where assets or employees are at any given time from the convenience of your web-enabled device. If something is amiss, react to real-time information from wherever you are in the world. Available for download on iPhone, Android and Blackberry.


Real Time Event Notification & Reporting

Never skip a beat.

Receive real-time information of assets or people on the move.

Add Security ONE mobile reporting feature and be alerted of a variety of events. Keep tabs on vehicle idle times or if an employee has left a geo-fenced area.
Receive reporting on employee activity, vehicle speed, fuel efficiency and more.


Set geographic boundaries.

Be alerted if assets or employees leave a defined territory.

With Security ONE’s geo-fencing GPS tracking feature, receive real-time alerts via e-mail or text when employees or assets leave the confines of pre-determined boundaries. Great for managing territories of sales reps or being alerted if a company vehicle leaves a property.


Fleet Management

Know when and where your fleet goes.

Managing a fleet of vehicles for efficiency and security is no easy task. Let us help.

With Security ONE’s fleet management system, business owners and managers can easily keep an eye on their fleet of vehicles. Give customers an accurate timeline for delivery of service or goods and know if vehicles are sitting idle or speeding. Analyze routes for inefficiencies and ensure employees are reporting their time accurately. Call Security ONE for a FREE demo.

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Client Testimonials

“We found out that at least 4 houses on our street were broken into while the owners were sleeping inside. I’m guessing everyone else on our street wishes they had an alarm system right about now. This is now the second time that our house has had an attempted break-in. Because of our home alarm system, our house has never actually been illegally entered. I just wanted to let you know and send you a quick note of thanks!! “

– Billie Stapleton – Kingsville

“Security ONE has been a wonderful company to deal with. Everything from our initial quote, to the unobtrusive installation has been nothing short of excellent. The security we now have far outweighs the minimal monthly expense that we pay for this service. We would definitely recommend Security ONE for their customer service, quality, and affordability.

– Frank & Emily Gabbana – Windsor

“I would like to say thank-you to Security ONE for the wonderful service and installation of my home alarm system. I was very pleased with your Security Consultant (Debbie Jacques). I received other quotations from a few companies, and one was lower in price. However, I found Debbie Jacques very knowledgeable and thorough in educating me about the product and felt more comfortable using Security ONE. “

– Barb Mayea – Windsor

“I just want to thank you for the terrific service my husband, Gordy Cooper, and I received from you with respect to purchasing an alarm system. Now that we have our alarm, he cannot believe the “peace of mind” it brings him. Your service and knowledge were the selling points in us having an alarm installed and making us feel safe, with at home or away!”

– Tracy Panchuk – Windsor

“Our insurance company told us we needed to install a sump pump/water bug sensor. We contacted Security ONE and they came and installed water bugs and a sump pump detector. They work great! We had a water issue when the upstairs toilet overflowed, the water bugs detected it and Security ONE called. It was a life saver! Thank you!

– Linda Enns – Leamington