Why use two vendors for security and fire?

Security ONE’s fire and life-safety division can provide a one stop shop for all fire alarm installation, inspections and ULC monitoring.

Fire Alarm Systems

Every second counts.

Protect your business from the dangers of fire and smoke damage.

Our fully integrated fire alarm systems will alert you quickly and efficiently to pinpoint the exact location of trouble and fire conditions – providing the ultimate protection of life and property.

Security ONE’s Fire and Life Safety division provides full-service consultation, design, installation, service, and inspection of your fire alarm system.

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fire sprinkler system

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Enhanced life safety.

Keep fire under control and limit damage.

Security ONE fire sprinkler systems can immediately begin suppressing fire and control flame growth at the first sign of fire. Security ONE consultants work hand in hand with building engineers and architects to custom design a sprinkler system that meets fire code and insurance requirements. Trust Security ONE for any sprinkler system installation, maintenance, retro-fitting and inspections.

Fire Extinguishers & Suppression

Fire fighting tools.

Stop fire in its tracks.

Security ONE provides full-service fire extinguisher and suppression systems for all commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Proper training and maintenance of extinguishers and suppression systems is imperative as it nearly 80% of all fires can be contained by a properly used fire extinguisher.

Managed Access Control

ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring

Professional alarm monitoring.

Ensure the fire department is notified immediately.

Choose Security ONE to provide ULC professional monitoring of your fire alarm system. Choose from a variety of packages and bundles that best meet your fire and life safety requirements. Security ONE owns and operates its own ULC listed central station and does not outsource any portion of the monitoring to 3rd party call-centers. For more information please visit our Commercial Monitoring page.

ULC & CFAA Inspections

Complete system inspections and testing.

Ensure all fire and life-safety equipment is ready to save lives.

In most cases, inspections of fire and life-safety systems are required by fire code and insurance providers. Ensure that your fire alarm system, extinguishers and suppression systems, and emergency lighting are inspected as per your requirements. Security ONE performs monthly, quarterly and annual inspections of the following:

Fire alarms
Sprinkler systems
Emergency lighting
Fire extinguishers
Restaurant systems
Fire hoses
Fire hydrants

Call Security ONE for a FREE evaluation of your system today.

emergency lighting

Emergency Lighting

Visual fire alarms.

Emergency lighting guide occupants to safety.

Emergency lighting is a critical component to a fire alarm system – particularly when power outages occur. To ensure emergency lighting is always functioning, fire code mandates monthly and annual inspections. Security ONE can help in designing, installing, maintaining and inspecting your emergency lighting system. Give us a call today.

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Client Testimonials

“We found out that at least 4 houses on our street were broken into while the owners were sleeping inside. I’m guessing everyone else on our street wishes they had an alarm system right about now. This is now the second time that our house has had an attempted break-in. Because of our home alarm system, our house has never actually been illegally entered. I just wanted to let you know and send you a quick note of thanks!! “

– Billie Stapleton – Kingsville

“Security ONE has been a wonderful company to deal with. Everything from our initial quote, to the unobtrusive installation has been nothing short of excellent. The security we now have far outweighs the minimal monthly expense that we pay for this service. We would definitely recommend Security ONE for their customer service, quality, and affordability.

– Frank & Emily Gabbana – Windsor

“I would like to say thank-you to Security ONE for the wonderful service and installation of my home alarm system. I was very pleased with your Security Consultant (Debbie Jacques). I received other quotations from a few companies, and one was lower in price. However, I found Debbie Jacques very knowledgeable and thorough in educating me about the product and felt more comfortable using Security ONE. “

– Barb Mayea – Windsor

“I just want to thank you for the terrific service my husband, Gordy Cooper, and I received from you with respect to purchasing an alarm system. Now that we have our alarm, he cannot believe the “peace of mind” it brings him. Your service and knowledge were the selling points in us having an alarm installed and making us feel safe, with at home or away!”

– Tracy Panchuk – Windsor

“Our insurance company told us we needed to install a sump pump/water bug sensor. We contacted Security ONE and they came and installed water bugs and a sump pump detector. They work great! We had a water issue when the upstairs toilet overflowed, the water bugs detected it and Security ONE called. It was a life saver! Thank you!

– Linda Enns – Leamington